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Tuition & Scholarship for International Student

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  • Tuition

Chinese Learning:5000 CNY per semester, 8000 CNY per year

Academic Education:6000-8500 CNY per year. 

  • Accommodation Fees

For 6 persons1350675150
For 4 persons20001000250


  1. Facilities in the apartment include 1-2 toilets, air conditioner, hot water, internet interface.

  2. There are also rooms for 1-2 persons which charge according to different facilities and should be applied beforehand.

  • Textbook: according to the actual costs

  • Physical Examination Fee: CNY 240-350 per person (according to the hospital )

  • Insurance: 50-100CNY per month; 400-500CNY per half year; 800-1000CNY per year

  • Residence Permit Application: about 400CNY per year

  • Scholarship:

1. LVTC offers two types of scholarship for international students: Freshmen Admission Scholarship and Outstanding Student Scholarship.

2. Based on HSK test score and major you apply for in LVTC, you may apply for Freshmen Admission Scholarship according to your actual situation.

Application Form of LVTC

For details about the Instructions for Application and scholarship, please contact Mr.Wang of the International Exchange Office at 0772-3156051 or send the email to .