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AHQ college in Saudi Arabia

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AHQ college in Saudi Arabia is a tripartite cooperation program by AHQ Machinery Co.,Ltd., LVTC and LiuGong Group to promote the after-sales service quality of LiuGong in Saudi and to meet the personnel needs in construction machinery of AHQ. In the program, AHQ is responsible for the construction of the college, LVTC for outputting specialty standards of construction machinery and authenticating the teachers and students, and LiuGong for technological supports.

So far, the AHQ college is on the way of getting approval by the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia and LVTC has accomplished in outputting all standards including the specialty standard, the curriculum, the authentication standards for faculties and students , textbooks, lecture notes for class, and etc. In June 2019, LVTC sent three lecturers to Saudi Arabia and finished training and certificating 12 teachers of AHQ college. LVTC has become the only college which has output specialty standards to foreign countries in the field of construction machinery.