LiuGong-LVTC Global Customer Experience Center

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After it was established in the School of Automotive Engineering in April 2017, the headquarter of LiuGong-LVTC Global Customer Experience Center(hereinafter referred to as the Center) has become the largest and the most advanced training base of construction machinery in China. With the International Business Department of LiuGong moving into the Center, the faculties in the college work together with the engineers from the company in the fields of teaching, skill authenticating, scientific research, holding skill competitions and etc, which has greatly improved the comprehensive competitiveness of the major of construction machinery and made the major and the training base both become the national examples. Now the Center can not only provide training for the students of LVTC, the technicians, service staffs and dealers of LiuGong Group all over the world, but also provide experiencing of construction machinery for customers.

In order to promote the global services quality of LiuGong and provide a better training, the company jointly established sub-centers of the Center with LVTC. After several years’ work, a worldwide training network has been built through college-enterprise collaboration, including four sub-centers respectively distributed in Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Bengbu and Jiangyin in China and eight overseas sub-centers respectively distributed in India, North America, South Africa, and etc. By exploring an online teaching resources repository in both Chinese and English, and by training the trainers from sub-centers, LVTC succeeds in providing a long-distance online support for all the sub-centers and making the training all the world be synchronous.