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LVTC successfully organizes the 3rd National Academic Conference on the Teaching Supervision, Quality Evaluation and Quality Assurance System Construction in Higher Vocational Colleges

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From News Center (Text by Luo Zhijun, Teaching Affairs and Practical Training Administration Office; Photo by Student News Agency) On June 26 to 27, the 3rd National Academic Conference on the Teaching Supervision, Quality Evaluation and Quality Assurance System Construction in Higher Vocational Colleges sponsored by the National Cooperation Association of Education and Teaching Supervision in Higher Vocational Colleges and organized by LVTC was held online. The Conference organized discussions and exchanges on core issues like teaching supervision, diagnosis, improvement and evaluation, quality monitoring, and internal quality assurance system, with aims to gather the outstanding cases and successful experience of higher vocational colleges, and gather the teaching supervision organization forces of higher vocational colleges across the country at a new starting point in the new era, and lead the teaching supervision work towards continuous innovation and development.

About 200 people from 58 higher vocational colleges across China, including Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology and Anhui Technical College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, attended the online conference. LVTC set up offline sub-venues, including a LVTC sub-venue and sub-venues at secondary colleges of LVTC. About 300 people, including staff from the relevant administrative departments of LVTC, the deans of LVTC secondary colleges, teaching administrators and teachers, attended the meeting.

President Gan Jinming and vice presidents Wang Wei and Ju Hongxia of LVTC attended the conference at the LVTC sub-venue. Vice President Ju Hongxia delivered a speech at the conference on behalf of our school, and introduced the exploration and practice of LVTC in the talent quality management system based on excellent performance.

Researcher Li Zhihong, Director of the Quality Assurance and Assessment Specialized Committee of The Chinese Society for Technical and Vocational Education (CSTVE); Professor Su Zhigang, Vice President of CSTVE; Professor Tang Yizhi from the Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education, the Ministry of Education; Professor Xing Hui, Director of the Academic Committee of National Academy of Education Administration; and other well-known experts in the field were invited to give keynote speeches respectively. The keynote speeches are informing, advanced and instructive, making positive effects on strengthening the subject consciousness of quality and exploring new ideas, new methods and new measures of quality assurance work among the higher vocational colleges.

The "Liujiang Forum" part of the meeting, in the principle of "focusing on hot issues, concept innovation, case discussion and experience exchange", invited some typical colleges to exchange experience to provide working ideas and methods that are practical and replicable.


President Gan Jinming attends the meeting at the LVTC sub-venue


Vice President Ju Hongxia delivers a speech at the conference and introduces the situation of LVTC


LVTC sub-venue


School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering sub-venue


School of Finance and Logistics Management sub-venue

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