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The First Short Video Promotion and Marketing Competition for Online Marketing and Livestreaming E-commerce Majors Successfully Held

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From News Center (Reported & pictures by Tan Yueru,School of Baijie Internet) In order to improve students’ professional skills, stimulate their enthusiasm of creating short videos, and showcase the teaching achievements of the Short Video course, The final of the First Short Video Marketing and Promotion Competition which was hosted by the School of Trade and Tourism Management and undertaken by Baijie Internet School was held at room 420 in Chongwen Building.

After evaluation and selection, a total of 13 works were accessible to the final which was divided into three parts: work display, on-site defense and judges’ comments. Li Jinpeng, general manager of Hongren Media, Chen Guiren, manager of Hongren Media, Chen Jungang, dean of Baijie Internet School, and Wang Dongyun, director of the Modern Business major of the School of Trade and Tourism Management and Qin Gengyuan, director of the Internet Marketing and Livestreaming E-commerce major of Baijie Internet School constituted the judge group. Taking theme, content, production level, and on-site defense performance into consideration, the 13 finalists were evaluated in a fair, just and open way. Excellent contestants were awarded bonuses and certificates.

Finally, Chen Jungang, dean of Baijie Internet School, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that all works were rich in contents, distinctive in themes, and the team members had a clear division of labor. He also put forward valuable opinions to students: improving shooting techniques, strengthening editing learning and pursuing high conversion of target groups from the practical needs and brand recognition of the short video dissemination .


Ongoing Short video promotion contest final


Li Jinpeng, general manager of Hongren Media, presents awards to the first prize group


Chen Jungang, Dean of Baijie Internet School, makes a concluding speech


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