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2 Silvers and 1 Bronze|LVTC excelled himself in the "Internet +" competition

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From News Center(Text by  Li Song and Xu Ming,pictures by Yuan Shiming,Academic Affairs and Practical Training Management Office) On October 14, 2021, in the live competition of the finals of the 7th China International "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition , two competitive teams of LVTC,Yuesheng Banana-Banana Technology Industry Revitalizer (hereinafter referred to as "Yuesheng Banana") and Welder-One-stop Industrial Robot Welding Leader  (hereinafter referred to as  Welder )  competed on the same stage with outstanding projects from higher vocational colleges across the country. They were not afraid of their rivals and defeated the best. In the fierce competition, the team won 2 silver medals; "Xinjiang Niya: National Immaterial "Inheritance and Innovation of the Cultural Heritage "Atelis" (hereinafter referred to as "Xinjiang Niya") performed well in the online evaluation of the National Games and received a bronze . Ju Hongxia, Vice President, along with Chen Wenyong from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Liu Jing and Yuan Shiming from Academic Affairs and Practical Training Management Office, project instructors Xu Ming and Liang Guojian, as well as  the participating students attended the finals.

Project  "Yuesheng Banana” is based on an  ecological agriculture development enterprises jointly founded by the outstanding graduates Xiao Jiefu and Wen Lianjun,which is  expected to win the gold. This project solves the pain points of seedling, planting and sales effectively in the traditional banana industry. Since the implementation of the project, it has been recognized by farmers, governments, enterprises and other parties. It has enabled 65 poor households to generate an average income increase of 100,000 yuan,helped 375 college students and farmers with employment and entrepreneurship, and led to employment of more than 2,000 people indirectly. Outstanding social value and economic value have been achieved . Yuesheng Banana out-performed among the 45 top projects in the entrepreneurial group of the vocational education track and won the silver award.

Another hot spot was the Welder which beat the strong opponents bravely, made great achievements and won another silver anong the 90 top projects. Welder is an entrepreneurial project of Guan Yifan, who is an excellent student of LVTC. Relying on the advantages of the industrial robot technology of LVTC, it provides one-stop welding solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises. The project is committed to solving the current industry pain points such as the lack of personalized overall solutions for the welding industry and the shortage of welding talents under the background of the global epidemic. The team has applied for 19 national patents, among which 8 have been authorized, and 2 invention patents have been published. Based on the local area, project  Welder helps the small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade their industries, vigorously promotes the localization of domestic robots, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.

Xinjiang Niya is an entrepreneurial project of LVTC's outstanding student,Shepkai Tijiang Ereti. The project solves the problem of lack of inheritors through technical inheritance + school-enterprise cooperation + cultural promotion, designing Atelier clothing with the features of multi-ethnic elements to solve the problem of lack of sense of the times, and adopt standard manual craft + layout pattern database to solve the problem of lack of standardized craftsmanship. The founder of the project, Shep Katijiang Aireti, founded the company in June 2021. Relying on the technical support of the school clothing professional batik tie-dye master studio, he has now completed nearly 500 clothing layouts, employing 50 people directly, and improving 2000 people’s lives indirectly . "Xinjiang Niya" is committed to promoting the inheritance and integration of the excellent culture of ethnic minorities, and forging the sense of community of the Chinese nation. The entrepreneurial story of the project founder, Shepketijan Ereti, has been reported by mainstream media such as People’s Daily Online, Toutiao Today, and National Party Media ,etc.

The seventh finals of the competition opened on October 12th at Nanchang University. There were more than 2.28 million projects from 121 countries and regions at home and abroad, 4347 colleges and universities, and more than 9.56 million people signed up for the competition. Among them, a total of 2,116 colleges and universities,more than 860,000 projects  were in the vocational education track , and more than 3.3 million people signed up for the competition. The budding track has a total of 228 entries, achieving "three coverages": full coverage of mainland colleges and universities, full education participants , and the top 100 universities around the world are fully covered.

LVTC attaches great importance to this competition. During the preparational stage, the school leaders made scientific planning and overall decision-making. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute and the functional centers and related secondary colleges coordinated to promote the organization. They organized 9,743 students with 5,897 entries to compete and a total of 20,754 participants, creating a new high in the school history. In recent years, LVTC has won a total of 4 silver awards and 3 bronze awards in China International "Internet+" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The impressive results reflect the effectiveness of LVTC’s innovation and entrepreneurship education and show that LVTC is deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, promote the integration of Major Innovation, Thinking Innovation, Industry Innovation, Research innovation, and Competition Innovation, and build distinctive work experience and achievements in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of higher vocational colleges.


Group photo of participating teachers and students of LVTC


The team of the winning project attended the award ceremony


Yuesheng Banana in national competition defense scene


Project  Welder in national competition defense 


Project  Xinjiang Niya won the bronze medal in the national competition


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