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Excellent Original Poster Exhibition (Liuzhou Station) of JAGDA 2020 Yearbook grandly opened in LVTC

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 From News Center (Text by Liao Meinuan and Lai Huayu, Pictures by Zhu Jingmin, School of Arts ) On the morning of October 17, 2021, exhibition for original works of outstanding posters of the Japan of Graphic Designers Association 2020 Yearbook (Liuzhou Station) was grandly opened in LVTC.

This exhibition was authorized by Japan Graphic Designers Association, sponsored by Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College, and undertaken by the Art and Design Professional Guidance Committee of Guangxi Culture and Art Vocational Education and Teaching Guidance Committee, and Liuzhou Advertising Association. Wu Yihua, the academic consultant, Zhang Yihan, the curator, Su Min, the special guest (outstanding alumni of LVTC),  Chen Liang, chairman of the Guidance Committee of Art and Design Professional Guidance Committee of Guangxi Culture and Art Vocational Education Teaching Committee , Tang Xu, Vice Chairman of Liuzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Guan Xiaoyun, Deputy Secretary of Liuzhou Cultural Tourism Group, Hu Weisheng, Secretary-General of Liuzhou Advertising Association, Zhang Liquan, Vice Chairman of Liuzhou Chinese Culture Promotion Association, school leaders Ju Hongxia and Li Shanwen attended the opening ceremony; representatives of related industries, enterprises and fraternal colleges, and industry designers, more than 200 representatives and representatives of teachers and students of LVTC attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Yong Jia, director of the School of Arts.

At the opening ceremony, Ju Hongxia delivered a remark on behalf of LVTC, extending a warm welcome to the leaders and guests, and briefly introduced the purpose, significance and contents of the exhibition. Ju Hongxia pointed out that cultural exchange was an important condition for the progress of world culture, which could promote mutual understanding and needs exchanging , and cultural development and prosperity. As the largest design group in Asia, Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA)publishes the annual Japanese graphic design yearbook works through rigorous selection and conveys to the world the most cutting-edge and top level of graphic designs in Japan. The poster exhibition provided a rare opportunity for Chinese designers to improve their aesthetics, understand and learn advanced design concepts; It was also an effective carrier for teachers and students to open up their international vision, enhance aesthetics, and enrich campus cultural life; It played a positive role in promoting exchanges between Chinese and Japanese designers and boosting cultural prosperity and progress. It was hoped that through this poster exhibition, local designers and students could learn the design creativity of Japanese designers, acquire the design concepts and expression methods of the outstanding designers around the world, continuously improve their aesthetics, expand their horizons, jointly promote friendly cultural exchanges between China and Japan, and strive for advancing the prosperity and progress of world culture.

Chen Liang made a speech on behalf of the Guiding Committee of Guangxi Culture and Art Industry. He pointed out that the Guangxi Culture and Art Guidance Committee is an expert organization commissioned by the Education Department of Guangxi to conduct research, consultation, guidance, and service on vocational education and teaching in the culture and art industry. The Guiding Committee of Guangxi Culture and Art Industry aims to efficiently connect the education and cultural industries, providing full play to the important role of industry authorities and industry organizations in the development of art vocational education, and promote the reform and innovation of art vocational education. This exhibition of excellent original posters of  JAGDA 2020 Yearbook has played a very active role in promoting the development of art and design majors of Guangxi . More high-quality works exhibitions at home and abroad were expected to be held in Guangxi in the future, so that people could learn and communicate together, and jointly shouldered the important task of exploring the construction of a cultural and artistic vocational education system and the talent training model with characteristics in cultural and artistic industry. With collective wisdom, the Guiding Committee of Guangxi Culture and Art Industry would jointly seek and lead the development of cultural and artistic vocational education.

Hu Weisheng delivered a remark on behalf of Liuzhou Advertising Association. From a professional perspective, he started from realistic life, combined with current hot events at home and abroad, and vividly introduced the importance and contemporary value of posters in our daily lives. He pointed out that this Japanese poster exhibition had showcased the height and thickness of Japanese poster design, which allowed teachers ,students and the Liuzhou advertising industry to watch the international excellent works of Japanese masters up close, showing the cultural value of poster design. At the same time, it had further expanded the international vision and opportunities for international exchanges for the advertising industry , teachers and students in Liuzhou, which was not only a feast for advertising industry, teachers and students, but also a powerful supplement to teaching designs for colleges and universities. By carefully appreciating and studying these excellent works, we could continuously enrich our international vision ,extend professional  knowledge, enhance creativity and skills, and lay a solid foundation for us to create and design better works for revitalizing the advertising and cultural media industry and  contributing to empower Liuzhou  to make high-quality economic development.

Finally, Ju Hongxia announced the official opening of the exhibition of outstanding  original poster works of the 2020 Yearbook of Japan Graphic Designers Association (Liuzhou Station).

After the opening ceremony, Wu Yihua, the academic consultant of the poster exhibition, showed the audience around and explained each poster, so that the audience could understand the story behind the works, then tasted what the designers experienced about life. The teachers and students of the exhibition expressed that through the exhibition and study, they deeply felt the super appeal of the Japanese design language and were deeply inspired by its design philosophy and expression techniques.

It was reported that this exhibition had exhibited a total of 60 outstanding poster works, which would last for a week (from October 17th to 24th). The exhibition venue was in 1st Floor of the Ingenuity Space Exhibition Hall, Tiangong Building in Shewan Campus. It Opened from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm, graphic design enthusiasts were welcome to the exhibition.


Chen Liang, Director of Guangxi Culture and Art Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech 


Hu Weisheng, Secretary-General of Liuzhou Advertising Association, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a remark


Vice President Ju Hongxia attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech


Yong Jia,Dean of the School of Arts,  presided over the opening ceremony


Opening ceremony 



Academic consultant Wu Yihua explained the exhibits on-site


Group photo of leaders and guests


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