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The 17th Club Culture and Art Festival of LVTC opened lively

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From News Center (Text by Qin Luying, Communist Youth League Committee; Pictures by Xiang Meishi,Mo Xueni,Chang Cunpeng and Huang Liushuang,Student Union) In order to get students to participate in club activities actively , give full play to the role of student clubs in prospering campus culture and improving students’ comprehensive quality, creating a good campus cultural atmosphere, Club Culture and Art Festival, hosted by the Communist Youth League Committee of LVTC and organized by the all the school organizations, was successfully launched at  Track and Field Stadium of Guantang Campus. Vice President, Professor Wei Lin attended the event. Wang Dahong, Director of Student Affairs Office, Han Xiao, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, all the members of the Youth League Committee and the Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the secondary college attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony started with the song Goodbye Lin Neal; performed by the MET Music Association. Next, student Han Mengrui from KAB Entrepreneurship Club made a speech as a representative of the student club. He said that in the future, he would further improve the management abilities and service consciousness of the clubs, keep innovating in the practice of the activities, strive to create high-quality club cultural activities with LVTC characteristics, further prosper the campus culture, and contribute to the Double High Plan Construction of LVTC.

Afterwards, Wei Lin delivered a remark on the event, pointing out that General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the National Education Conference: “Adhere to the development path of socialist education with Chinese characteristics, and cultivate socialist builders and successors who have comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art, and labor.” The school students Societies are playing an important role in cultivating college students in the new era who have comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art, and labor, as well as improving students’overall quality. Combining the actual work of the school, Wei Lin put forward several expectations and requirements for the work of societies and clubs: “Firstly, student clubs must give full play to the positive role of activities and education. Secondly, club management departments and student clubs must be brave to innovate and strive for breakthroughs. Thirdly it was the cadres of all levels of associations that must continuously improve their overall quality and professional level. Fourthly, the relevant management departments of the school must strengthen the guidance and support for the work of the associations. In his speech, Wei Lin specifically mentioned that the school’s newly-built Ingenuity Academy and the Youth Home (D8 overhead floor) on Guantang campus provide a good place for the community to carry out various cultural activities. LVTC would also continue to strengthen the community activity support. Finally, Wei Lin announced the official start of the opening ceremony of the 17th Society Culture and Art Festival.

During the event, the autumn rain continued, but the students’enthusiasm for participating in the event did not diminish. In the pre-allocated exhibition area, the associations assembled and arranged their booths early, and displayed the unique cultural characteristics of the associations through various methods such as exhibition boards, posters, and live performances, which attracted many freshmen to watch and admire. The members of Takizuki ACG Animation Club in Han costumes became a beautiful scenery among the crowd; the members of Summer Time Roller Skating Club were fully armed and showed everyone the charm of roller skating; the solemn national flag team made everyone intuitively feel the military uprightness and toughness. Hongyuan Painting and Calligraphy Club, Final Melody Guitar Club, and Chimei Automobile Association also made wonderful live displays. In the recruiting tent, the heads of the various associations answered  the freshmen’s questions with patience and dedication.  Those who came for consultation spoke highly for them.

The theme of this event is “Cultivate the Professionals with Ingenuity and Demonstrate the Talents to CPC.”Colorful activities showcased the fruitful achievements of the club construction of LVTC , promoted the construction of campus culture, built a platform for students’extensive participation, communication and mutual assistance, and quality enhancement, so as to create a positive campus cultural atmosphere and further inherit the school’s ingenuity culture.


Speech by Professor Wei Lin, Vice President


Representative Han Mengrui made a speech







Lively club culture display and students organization recruiting 


Group photo on site


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