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The lecture titled Appreciating Jade and Treasures: Exploring the Source of Chinese Cultural Confidence was successfully held at Ingenuity Academy

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From News Center(Text by Mo Xiaoliang, School of Finance and Logistics Management, Guo Xinyuan, the Publicity Department of the Party Committee; photos by Converged Media Center of LVTC) “Jade is gentle and delicate, shining introverted, and it would rather be broken than bend.  Chinese nation is hardworking , resilient, tough and tolerant, which is exactly like the features of jade. At 15:00 on October 29, 2021, the fourth cultural lectures of “Craftsmanship Talks”——Appreciating Jade and Treasures: Exploring the Source of Chinese Cultural Confidence was held at Ingenuity Academy on Guantang campus. Professor Xu Haisheng, an expert on contemporary Chinese culture and museums, was deciphering Chinese jade culture. Thundering applauses burst through the Hall of Ingenuity Academy. The event was hosted by Wang Qi, Executive Dean of Ingenuity College. More than 100 students made an appointment to attend this lecture through WeChat QR code.

Professor Xu Haisheng is a member of the State Council’s first census of movable cultural relics, a member of the Guangxi expert group, a member of the expert group of the Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, a member of the cultural relics appraisal group of Liuzhou Museum, and a guest professor of Guangxi University of Science and Technology. Starting from the Neolithic Age, based on the timeline, Professor Xu employed dragon-patterned jade as the carrier to explain the evolution and development of jade over thousands of years for teachers and students, making the profound knowledge of jade culture easy to understand. He also brought the jade Ge of the Western Zhou Dynasty on the scene. The simple and solemn jade made everyone involuntarily crane their necks and follow the professor’s interpretation, as if they had encountered a “cultural messenger”, who traveled through time and space and recorded history.

In the interactive communication session, Professor Xu shared his unforgettable learning and work experience during his many years of dealing with jade. The students felt the profound friendship between Professor Xu and his master and the indissoluble bond between him and jade. At the end of the lecture, Professor Xu encouraged the students to master their own professional knowledge, “What you’ve learned is your own.  If you keep gaining all kinds of accumulations, you’ll become confident and be the one on the top of the industry.” The students listened attentively, and some even took notes carefully, expressing that they had benefited a lot.

This event is the fourth phase of the “Craftsmanship Talks” cultural lecture series. Professor Xu told us the story of Chinese jade culture, and carried out a deep-level historical and cultural interpretation. The teachers and students not only approached and understood the long history of Chinese jade culture, but also had further felt the breadth and depth of excellent Chinese traditional culture, which has stimulated cultural confidence.

LVTC will take culture as the accumulation and promote the effective integration of students’professional quality and craftsmanship. The follow-up“Craftsmanship Talks”forum will continue to bring excellent cultural activities to teachers and students, promote the spirit of ingenuity, and enable them to enjoy better spiritual nourishment and high quality cultural life.


The 4th cultural lectures of “Craftsmanship Talks”


Professor Xu Haisheng gives a lecture on “Appreciating Jade and Treasures——Exploring the Source of Confidence in Chinese Culture”


Wang Qi, Executive Dean of Ingenuity Academy presides over the event


Professor Xu shows the jade of the Western Zhou Dynasty to the teachers and students



Professor Xu interacts with the students


The students listen attentively to the lecture

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