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The 2021 Qualifying Competition of Liuzhou River Snail Rice Noodles Youth Entrepreneurship Design was successfully held in LVTC

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From the News Center (Text by Yang Yanhua,Communist Youth League Committee of LVTC; Pictures by Yang Xuxin,Youth Volunteer Service Corps of LVTC ) Hosted by the Guangxi Committee of the Communist Youth League and Liuzhou Municipal People’s Government,the qualifying competition of Youth Entrepreneurship Design Competition of 2021 Liuzhou River Snail Rice Noodles Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition—was successfully held on Guantang campus of LVTC on October 29th,2021. 211 projects from all over China competed fiercely.

It is one part of the River Snail Rice Noodles Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Participants included college students and youth entrepreneurs from various industries. They focused on Liuzhou River Snail Rice Noodles and competed among various entrepreneurial programs such as marketing, cultural innovation, raw material supply, production and packaging, and offline stores. The site was divided into 6 venues with simultaneous evaluation online and offline . After a whole day’s competition, a total of 20 projects came to the fore and successfully advanced to the finals.

In order to ensure the quality of the competition, in accordance with the requirements of the Liuzhou Youth League Committee, the Youth League Committee of LVTC dismantled the work tasks,  implemented the tasks to the point of time, assigned the tasks to the specific persons, actively coordinated the competition venue, and contacted the on-site network guarantee. A total of 32 volunteers have been organized to assist the arrangement of the venue, equipment debugging, epidemic prevention and control, and logistics support to ensure the smooth holding of the event in an efficient and orderly manner. During the competition, the volunteers worked meticulously and orderly, and successfully completed the tasks, which was highly praised by the head of the Youth League and Municipal Committee.

The holding of the competition in LVTC also provided LVTC with valuable learning and exchange opportunities. LVTC will uphold the spirit of ingenuity and will continue to provide higher quality services for exploring the food culture of Liuzhou River Snail Rice Noodles and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry.


Online defense


Offline defense


Volunteers in service


Group photo of volunteers with staff and contestants

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