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SGMW-LVTC “S1 Training Course of SGMW New Media Research Institute”Started!

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From News Center(Text & Picture by Wu Liping, School of Automotive Engineering) From October 25th to 27th, 2021, jointly organized by SGMW Automobile Co. Ltd. and Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College,the “S1 Training Course of SGMW New Media Research Institute”was open in Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College!

Present at the opening ceremony were:Zhang Haifeng, Deputy Dean of the School of Automotive Engineering of LVTC, Chen Huihai, Director of SAIC-GM-Wuling Sales Company, Shi Jiangong, Director of New Business Department, Yi Qing, Executive Director of New Media Research Institute, Mou Jiahe, CEO of Beijing Zhijia Information Technology Co., Ltd., etc.Nearly 60 sales representatives and anchors from five direct-operated stores across the country, as well as teachers and student representatives from the automotive service professional group of LVTC also attended the ceremony.

Yiqing, Executive Dean of SGMW New Media Research Institute, and Zhang Haifeng, Deputy Dean of Automotive Engineering College of Liuzhou Vocational and Technical College, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Executive Dean Yiqing remarked: “New media marketing is a user revolution. It is a marketing battlefield that every company cannot avoid. I hope you can work together to win the final victory on the marketing battlefield.” Zhang Haifeng delivered a welcome speech. He first extended his welcome to the leaders and students from all over the country. “Thank SGMW for giving LVTC the opportunity to set up the training location of the New Media Research Institute in LVTC. This is a full trust and affirmation to LVTC.” LVTC and SGMW have always had a very good foundation for cooperation. Schools and enterprises have coordinated to educate people and jointly trained a large number of marketing and technical skills talents. In the future, the two parties will striving for building a new media campus practice center and jointly incubate new media talents that meet the needs of the industry development.

From 25th to 27th, Ceci, a distinguished guest lecturer of SGMW New Media Research Institute, Alibaba official certified lecturer, and Kuaishou official certified lecturer conducted trainings at Ingenuity Academy and SGMW Smart Car Training Center. In the training, trainees systematically learned the zero-to-one methods and strategies of live broadcast in the automotive industry, and conducted live broadcast practices on three newest models in the SGMW Smart Car Training Center.

In this study, the trainees were polished in all aspects, from strategy to practical operation, through the form of “practical training + output sharing + case study” through live broadcast of large classes and  daily guidance of small classes and project practice. The live broadcast guidance of big players in the industry establishes the overall thinking of Tiktok live broadcast, and comprehensively improves operational capabilities through case dismantling and personal practice.

This training cooperation opened a new chapter for the cooperation between SGMW and LVTC, allowing the teachers of Automotive Technical Service and Marketing to receive the most cutting-edge industry development trends, new technologies and new fields of knowledge and professional skills, and broadened their horizons, improved their professional skills, and laid a favorable foundation for subsequent curriculum reforms.

In the future, the School of Automotive Engineering will have more training cooperation with SGMW. It is believed that both parties can jointly cultivate more outstanding new media talents and face the ever-changing marketing era.


Speech by Zhang Haifeng, Deputy Dean of the School of Automotive Engineering


Distinguished Guest Lecturer Ceci of the Institute of New Media gives lectures 


Students of LVTC receive the admission notice


Participants practice live streaming sale in groups


Group photo of S1 training class of SGMW New Media Research Institute

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