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School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

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The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (hereinafter referred to as "the School"), founded in 1998, is one of the oldest and largest schools in LVTC. At present, it has more than 2,000 full-time students, a faculty of 120, and more than 50 distinguished experts from enterprises.

In order to keep up with the industrial upgrading and the corporate cutting-edge technology development, the School has transformed the major structure from manufacturing type to service-oriented manufacturing type, and set up 10 junior college majors and 1 undergraduate major, respectively covered by the mechanical manufacturing specialty cluster and the equipment maintenance specialty cluster with three national demonstrative majors (i.e. Numeric Control Major, Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Management Major, Electrical Automation Technology Major) as the lead.


Major Structure of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering always adheres to the school-running tenet of "serving the local economy, supporting learning by production and promoting learning by production” to promote the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises. By the introduction of German AHK vocational qualification certification standard, “Dual System” classes established in cooperation with enterprises have been developed into the first-class brand in Guangxi and even in the whole country, and become the cradle of high-quality skilled talents.

First-class School-running Philosophy

In cooperation with SAIC-GM-Wuling and Fuzhen to carry out the pilot project of modern apprenticeship, the School have created dual system pilot classes for Mechatronics Major, Die Design and Manufacturing Major. With the development direction of intelligent manufacturing equipment technology as the main line, the School aims to cultivate technical and skilled interdisciplinary personnel of "Literacy • Management • Innovation" for the operation, maintenance, technical transformation and innovation of advanced equipment.



A German expert provides skills training for students in the multi-enterprise center of LVTC 


Students participates in the production practice in SAIC-GM-Wuling

First-class School-running Conditions

Amid the industrial upgrading and the corporate cutting-edge technology development, the multi-level mechanical and electrical equipment specialty cluster training bases have been established to integrate the enterprise technology, production, quality and management standards into the construction of training bases. In this way, the teaching is closely combined with the enterprise technology, which provides hardware guarantee for the cultivation of highly-skilled talents and the provision of technical services. At present, the School has 4 national-level training bases such as one of the first batch of national highly-skilled personnel training bases (electromechanical projects), 1 excellent major of Guangxi, 3 high-quality majors of Guangxi, 3 characteristic majors of Guangxi, and 3 demonstrative training bases of Guangxi including one of the first batch of demonstrative higher vocational education training bases in Guangxi.



Beautiful Campus and Advanced Training Base

First-class Teaching Staff

At present, the School has built a high-tech team under the guidance of masters, outstanding teachers, skilled experts and enterprise experts. Moreover, the School has 1 national-level star teacher and 1 national-level teaching team, 2 outstanding teachers of Guangxi, 3 teaching teams of Guangxi, 4 technical experts of Guangxi and 1 excellent highly-skilled talent of Guangxi, 1 distinguished young job expert of Liuzhou, and 11 young job experts of Liuzhou. Most of the teachers come from factories or have rich production practice experience, and 90% of teachers have "double positions". The united, efficient and professional teaching staff provides guarantee for the training of highly-skilled talents in the new era and the development of local enterprises.


Group Photo of Some School Teachers

First-class Students

The graduates of the School have always been favored by employers. "High Quality, Strong Skills, Good Adaptability" are the overall evaluation of employers for the graduates. Through the in-depth cooperation with enterprises in and beyond Guangxi, the School has successively set up more than ten order classes such as Wuling Class, LiuGong Class, Baosteel Class and UAES Class. Every year, more than 300 enterprises recruit and employ graduates from LVTC, leading to the full employment of graduates. The annual employment rate of graduates exceeds 96%, and LVTC has been rated as the Advanced Unit in College Graduate Employment Work in Guangxi for consecutive years.