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School of Trade and Tourism Management

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International Vision, Standard Localization, and Cultivating Craftsman-oriented Talents in Trade and Tourism

The School of Trade and Tourism Management is one of nine teaching schools of LVTC. It provides two specialty clusters, i.e. modern business Omni-channel marketing service and cultural tourism, including E-commerce, Marketing, Chain Business Management, International Economics and Trade, Network Marketing, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Flight Attendant, Civil Aviation Safety Technology Management, totaling 9 majors, covering the service talents needed by the tertiary industry.

This School has one region-level characteristic major of Guangxi Autonomous Region, two high-quality majors of Guangxi Autonomous Region, and two school-level characteristic majors. It owns two region-level excellent courses of Guangxi Autonomous Region, nine school-level excellent courses, one higher vocational education demonstration training base of Autonomous Region, two school-level demonstration training bases, and one region-level outstanding teaching team. Up to now, the School has 64 faculty members, including 51 full-time teachers, 43 double-position teachers, 37 teachers with postgraduate degree or master’s degree, 2 doctoral students, 19 associate professors or teachers with higher professional title, and 2 school-level star teachers. Presently, the School has 2,215 students, and the average employment rate of graduates in recent three years has reached more than 95%.

For a long time, the School always upholds the educational philosophy of “International Vision, Standard Localization, and Cultivating Creative Talents in Trade and Tourism”, and has cultivated a number of high-quality inter-disciplinary talents for our country. Presently, the School has 2,215 students, and the average employment rate of graduates in recent three years has reached more than 95%.

I. In terms of fostering international high-end talents, both inside and outside the region, the School:

1. sets up the “only” Chinese Cooperative School of European School for Sommelier” in China (in cooperation with the European School for Sommelier of German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)), and fosters and provides comprehensive wine high-end service talents for wine enterprises at home and abroad as well as international high-end brand chain hotels.

2. sets up the “only” school in Guangxi that fosters students majoring in Hospitality Management to serve all kinds of high-end governmental conferences of the CPC Central Committee (in cooperation with CCTV Media Center). It has provided reception services for state leaders, provincial and ministerial leaders and conference leaders who attended the national “NPC”, “CPPCC”; “Press Conference on Events to Mark 70th Anniversary of New China’s Founding”, “18th CPC National Congress”, “19th CPC National Congress” and other national press conferences for four consecutive years, and reception services at key posts of BRICS Xiamen Summit.

3. sets up the “only” school in Guangxi that has introduced the UK modern apprenticeship system into the Chain Business Management major to carry out the localization reform. A talent cultivation mode with local characteristics including “Selection by Three Assessments after Determination”, “Integration of Multiple Standards” and “Joint Cultivation by Three Tutors” is formed through continuous exploration.

4. sets up the “only” school that cooperates with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute to introduce the curriculum training system and professional competence certification system recognized and implemented by global brand chain hotels. Currently, the teachers in Hospitality Management major are localizing and developing the standards of 12 courses from American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. Meanwhile, both teachers and students have obtained relevant certificates of the international professional competence certification system.

II. In terms of fostering craftsman-oriented talents, the School has:

1. Taken the lead in carrying out the “Teachers, Teaching Materials and Pedagogies” reform, implementing real project teaching, furthering the school-enterprise cooperation, and exploring the cultivation path of craftsman-oriented teachers and students. It has become a training base for double-position teachers of marketing major of national secondary vocational schools and higher vocational schools; and the research outcome of “Teachers, Teaching Materials and Pedagogies” reform of marketing professional teacher team has won the first prize of autonomous region teaching achievements.

2. Taken the lead in classroom revolution and introducing real projects into classroom. Students’ practical ability is improved by introduction of real enterprise projects, master-apprentice connection, working-learning alternation and skill competition into the classroom. E-commerce and Internet marketing majors foster inter-disciplinary technical and skilled talents by such cultivation modes as “School-Enterprise Cooperation, Business-Learning Integration, and Spiral Rise”, and introduces the national initiative of mass entrepreneurship and innovation into teaching, and introduces the online operation of brands such as “Huailuoxiang” (Liuzhou river snails rice noodle) and “LMZ”, and real projects such as “11. 11” and “6.18” activities of Midea Group. The School’s “Internet + Business & Trade Service Training Base” has been approved as “E-commerce Co-Working Space” in Yufeng and Liuzhou. Two students’ entrepreneurship programs have successfully incubated therein. The marketing major, as a region-level characteristic specialty, has built a talent training mode of “Project Insertion and Ability Improvement”. In addition, the customer interview has become the brand teaching activity of the School, and is spreading in the secondary and higher vocational teachers in whole region.