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School of Finance and Logistics Management

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The School of Finance and Logistics Management was established in June 2016, with 1,800 full-time students now. It has seven academic majors and concentrations, including "Logistics Management", "Logistics Management (International Logistics Concentration)", "Express Service and Management", “Computerized Accounting", "Computerized Accounting (Foreign-related Accounting Concentration)", "Financial Management" and "Accounting (Management Accounting)”; Among them, "Logistics Management" is one of the key majors of national demonstrative higher vocational colleges, and “Accounting” is a demonstration major and a major developed for curriculum integration. The School has 12 training centers in total, including 5 training centers for Logistics Management Major Cluster (logistics warehouse training room, forklift skills training center, industrial packaging and distribution training center, etc.) and 7 training centers for Accounting Major Cluster (comprehensive accounting skills training center, financial management training center, accounting integration training center, etc.). At present, the School has two professional teaching teams, one is logistics management teaching team and the other is accounting teaching team. Among them, the core course teaching team for students majoring in "Logistics Management" won the title of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Level College and University Teaching Team of 2010. The School has been committed to the study style and class atmosphere construction, guiding students to develop in an all-round way and encouraging students to actively participate in social practice activities. Now, there are two student clubs in the School, i.e. Logistics Management Student Club and Accounting & Financial Management Student Club. Both clubs hold various and characteristic activities under the guidance of professional teachers to improve the comprehensive quality of students.

2. Construction Achievements

In the past five years, the School has made remarkable achievements in professional skills competition, teaching achievements, teaching software competition, teaching reform and scientific research. The School has been devoted to developing excellent professionals with strong professionalism. Our students have been actively participating in various professional skills competitions, and have won 15 prizes in total. Among them, students from Accounting Major Cluster have won three third prizes of National Vocational College Higher Vocational Students’ “Accounting Skills" Competition, 5 first prizes of Guangxi Vocational College Higher Vocational Students’ “Accounting Skills" Competition and one second prize of “Netinnet” Cup National Higher Vocational College Students’ Financial Decision Competition; students from the Logistics Management Major Cluster have won three first prizes and three second prizes of Higher Vocational Students’ "Optimization Design and Implementation of Modern Logistics Storage and Distribution" Competition among Vocational Colleges in Guangxi. In terms of teaching achievements, students majoring in the Logistics Management have won one second prize and one third prize of the Autonomous Region Level Teaching Achievement Competition. Totally 9 prizes have been won in teaching software design competitions, including 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes of national level; 4 first prizes and 1 second prize of the autonomous region level. 7 autonomous region level teaching reform projects have been approved, of which 3 projects have been concluded. A total of 11 municipal department level and above scientific research projects have been approved, of which 5 projects have been concluded, with a total investment in scientific research of RMB 128,500.