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School of General Education

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The School of General Education is a department established by the College to teach public basic courses. It has five teaching teams, namely, Higher Vocational English, Higher Vocational Chinese, Applied Mathematics, Physical Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship, with 48 full-time teachers, including 4 professors, 23 associate professors and 18 lecturers.

The school possesses a first-class teaching staff in the whole region, including one member of the Steering Committee of Entrepreneurship Education for Institutions of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, one star teacher of higher education in Guangxi, one expert in the review group of National Vocational Colleges Information-based Teaching Competition, one expert from the expert database of Guangxi Federation of Social Sciences, one excellent educator in Liuzhou, two excellent teachers in Liuzhou, two college-level star teachers, one excellent teaching team at autonomous-region level and one college talents studio.

The school offers a wide range of exquisite courses, including one national exquisite course, one national exquisite resource sharing course, three exquisite courses at Guangxi-Autonomous-Region level, six college-level exquisite courses, one college-level exquisite course approved to be set up. The proportion of exquisite courses ranks first among similar colleges in the region.

The school takes the lead in the field of curriculum reform. Oriented towards employment and based on competence, it adheres to the principle of serving students, majors and society, explores new models of talent cultivation, vigorously carries out curriculum reform, constructs a "two-dimensional" curriculum system, and creates a new teaching mode of public basic courses with unique features, innovative ideas and remarkable effects.

The school has made great achievements in education and teaching. Many teachers have won the first, second and third prizes in various education and teaching competitions at all levels and other professional competence competitions, and a large number of students have won awards in the national college students' English competition, mathematical model competition, sports competition, career planning competition, entrepreneurship competition and language competition.

All teachers of the School, always centered on the students, are committed to improving students' physical quality, language (including foreign language) and cultural quality, employment and entrepreneurship awareness and ability, professional core competence and are dauntlessly and selflessly dedicated to the cultivation of excellent vocational students with high quality and sustainable development.